The 80's were the time when videogames and computers market passed through a deep change, and became one of the world's most professional and wealthy business. 8-bit machines (NES, ZX-Spectrum, Master System, MSX) ruled the market then, but the new 16-bit machines started to show their strength.

At that time, specifically in 1987, one of the most charismatic and revolutionary videogame systems of all-time was released in Japan: the PC-ENGINE.



Basically an 8-bit machine, the PC-ENGINE had some very nice specs (256 simultaneous colors on screen, 6 stereo sound channels, among others), allowing softhouses to create incredibly games. In most cases, these games were as good as any produced for Megadrive/Genesis or SNES/Super Famicom.

And this was still during the Hu-Card era. The "Big Boom" came with the advent of CD-Player. PC-ENGINE was the first videogame system to use the high storage capacity of a CD for games. Due to NEC's visionary attitude, the CD become, from then on, the standard media for videogames.



Universo PC-Engine was made to spread PC-ENGINE related info to Brazilian people and, now in English, to every single PC-ENGINE fan around the world. But the main goal we'd like to achieve is to build a NEC-CD game archive as large as possible, and make these games available to fans all over the world.

It's very important that you, PC-ENGINE fans, tell us about the site, giving your opinion and sending game reviews for evaluation.

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